Our symbol “Nurterek”

The philosophical basis of our symbol “Nurterek” - “The Tree of Light”

Its meaning. There are several of them.

1) Cognition. Man cognizes by sight, hearing, that is, by sense organs. Man knows the brain, i.e. by reason. This is how schoolchildren and college students study. And there is a third way - the knowledge of the heart, the soul, which is what he knows (according to Aristotle). So students should learn. In the heart, a person meets God, who is all-knowing, all-seeing, and all-hearing.

A person who realizes himself has the ability to know with his heart, i.e. understand the essence of things. That man “Intelligent”, i.e. man who has known the essence of things. A person who does not understand the essence of things was called “A person is insensitive if his soul is blind”.

The rational knowledge is like the moon, because the moon glows only by reflected light from the sun. The moon glows from the sun.

The knowledge gained by the heart is the Sun, creating its own light - Nұr.

That is why it is necessary to shine not with reflection, but with the own light of knowledge.

From here, university classes should be metaphysical, where Feelings, Brain and Heart reign.

Only bringing up by the Light - Nurmen, who gives man his own light, brings love to his people. This love sharpens all human abilities and forms such key concepts as

Abyra, ar, namys, orlik is concepts of traditional Kazakh ethics. These traditions should not be confused with love for titles, magnificent anniversaries, painful envy, noncriticality towards oneself and one’s ancestors, which has appeared in our life today.

2) The tree is all that remains of the Aktobe tree that grew next to the university (he is 140 years old), the symbol of the place where we live, and the symbol of ever-renewing life.

3) Alphabets. The five most ancient alphabets of mankind - Sumerian, Greek, Chinese, Latin and Cyrillic, where the Word came from: “In the beginning was the Word and the word was God ...”. Everything is baptized, everything is mutually dependent: light, soul, heart, knowledge, brain, love, people – Earth of ancestry.

Nurterek - the Tree of Light from the Tree of Knowledge, standing on the ancient Word.

Long live Nurterek - a new symbol of the university!

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