A word of welcome by the President of the University


Dear colleagues, students, friends!


   Today we are celebrating our 24 year anniversary. During these years about ten thousand students have graduated from the University. At the present time the planet of "Kazakh-Russian International University" inhabits five thousand undergraduate and graduate students.


   The University formative years coincided with the tremendous changes constantly happened in all areas throughout. In education, it has been the beginning of years of global changes in our perception of the World, years of entry into the tread of universal human civilization. We dropped this time - and we are grateful for resurrection of the person Essence. "Blessed is who has visited this world in its fateful minutes", - wrote the great Russian poet F. Tyutchev.


   Our University has been forming and developing with young and independent Kazakhstan. During the years of independence, all aspects of society in Kazakhstan, especially science and technology, education, information and communication technologies have undergone many reforms, characterized by their mobile incarnation and change. It is indisputable that modern reforms and development of innovative technologies are a very important factor in quality growth and development. The University has always been seeking to realize all the wishes expressed by the Head of the State in his speech to the students and faculty on August 20, 1998 during the opening of the university main building.


   By human standards, 20 years is the age of youth, flight of thought and a new start to comprehend the vertices of the Spirit, Mind, and Creativity. Great Turkish poet Hikmet Ran Nazim wrote "Youth is a dream. It is a belief. This is the attraction to the feat. This is lyrics and romance. These are big plans for the future. This is the beginning of all perspectives."


   Everything that is in the world of civilization and culture is the concept of "university", possibly based on a clear, realistic and deep analysis of the undergone path. The 20-year experience allows building long-term plans for the future, which covers such items as the creation of new scientific schools and directions, the creation of a new model of the educational process and pedagogical dialogue, the expansion of the material base in the format of "KRIU - CITY".


    The main goal of the University is to give students high-quality knowledge in order to ensure the competitiveness of graduates on the labor market. This contributes to an innovative model of practice-based learning, aimed for the future professional student activity and employment. For this purpose, on the basis of the University, new business units and academic laboratories have been created as a permanent base of practice and research.


  Happiness, prosperity and success to everyone who had been with us in the years and stay with us today in making our offspring - Kazakh-Russian International University - and good luck!


The founder of Kazakh-Russian International University,

Professor, PhD in Psychology

Berdimuratov T.B.