Formation of Kazakh-Russian International University

   Kazakh-Russian International University is the first international non-state higher education institution in the Western region of Kazakhstan. On February 23, 2018 the University celebrated its 24-year anniversary. The University was founded by Temerkhan Baibosynovich Berdimuratov, one of the most experienced professors in the region, a successful leader in the educational sphere, a talented thinker, an innovative scientist, an enlightening and thoughtful creator of modernity. The eternal leader of the university has initiated the modern university education, focused on personal development.

    The university grew and developed in the context of social-political and economic development of its own country. In the beginning, the university was founded as Aktobe Department of International Institute of Business and Law (1994-1996), then - Aktobe Department of International University in Moscow (1996-1998), Aktobe Institute of Management, Business and Law "NUR" (1998-2000), providing young people of Aktobe region with an opportunity to obtain  economic and legal education. In the early of 90s of the last century, training of qualified specialists in economics, business and law was possible only in big cities, far less fundamental higher education institution of such specialization. Setting up the Aktobe Institute of Management, Business and Law "NUR" in the region was not only a big event, but it also reflected the history of the development of Aktobe region economy.


   In the history of KRIU there was a significant event, which identified further development and public position of KRIU: fruitful international relations and joint educational projects with well-known European and Russian scientists and universities appeared to be the beginning of a new path. The Institute (further Aktobe Institute of Management, Business and Law "NUR") in the region was the first to get a new title adding a word "international" - Kazakh-Russian International University - it was suggested by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev during the opening ceremony of the main campus on August 21, 1998. This suggestion of the Head of the State was accepted in accordance with the Declaration on Eternal Friendship and Alliance between Kazakhstan and Russia aimed for the XXI century. Honorary professors and partners of the University noted that the Head of the State trusted the University and marked the status of the University and its further development.


   Throughout 15 years, the University had been led by the President-Rector, PhD in Psychology, DBA in Human Resources Management, Professor, Academician of Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan Temerkhan Baibosynovich Berdimuratov, then and up to today he has been the President of the University; since the position of Rector has been assigned as a separate one.


   Utemisov Baktybai Utemisovich, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor was the first Rector of the University. These years were the years of formation of the University and these years were remarkable ones because reputable and well known lecturers and leading specialists were the members of the faculty. Among them are the names that the graduates still remember. They are from the only Institute at that time, Aktobe State Pedagogical Institute - PhD in Philology, Professor P.S.Schetinin, PhD in Philology, Associate Professor S.A.Vinogradov, PhD, Professor N.I.Gubanov, Professor of KRIU V.Ya.Yambaev, PhD in Philology, Associate Professor E.N.Agapov, Associate Professor V.I.Agapova, PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor M.M.Zhanpeisova, senior teacher of foreign languages H. D.Dermenzhi and others.


    The University is proud of the first faculty; it was KRIU where they started their career. At mid-90s it was not easy to organize an educational process with lecturers holding scientific degrees and titles. The University met challenges, using its international relations with European and Russian universities, so the competitive faculty was formed. Among them is the ex-minister of education of USSR, Professor G.A.Yagodin, later Rector of International University in Moscow. He was the co-leader of the first educational process and a lecturer of the University as well. G.A.Yagodin handed certificates of Professors' titles to the first lecturers of KRIU - P.S.Schetinin, U.B.Baizhomartov, and E.N.Agapov.


   Graduates, who are nowadays specialists intheir sphere, with deep gratitude remembered professorship of 1994-2000, considering them to be the best lecturers. Among them were Vice Rector of Public Relations of International University in Moscow, Professor V.D.Savostin, PhD in Law, Professor V.V.Bezbakh, PhD in Economics, Professor Yu.Manyushis, PhD in Economics, Professor A.Ovsyannikov, PhD in Law, Professor, an honored lawyer of the Russian Federation V.P. Seregin, PhDin Economics, Professor L.G. Khodov, PhD in Economics Yu.N.Ivanov, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor S.I.Biryukov, PhDin Economics D.A.Ashirov, PhD in Economics V.A.Alexandrov, PhD in Economics V.M.Serov, PhD in Economics M.N.Romanchyuk, Professor V.P.Demkin, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor V.M.Vymyatin, PhD in  Engineering, Professor O.S.Balabekov, PhD in Engineering, Professor A.A.Volnenko, PhD in Philology, Professor N.V.Dmitryuk. All of them are top-ranking specialists and talented professors. The President-Rector T.B. Berdimuratov was selecting that faculty personally because he realized that well-known professorship from reputable universities of Moscow could create a special intellectual innovative context of the university, which has been experienced and supported up to day. Many years have passed, and the University has experienced a lot of reforms in the system of education. Many leaders from government agency have been changed during 20 years of the university's activity and every turn was followed by new standards, programs and development strategy. Traditions were replaced by new ones, but the tradition of inviting foreign professorship and leading specialists from organizations was and is still one of the peculiarities and advantages of the University.


   Special gratitude is expressed to leading scientists and members from Institute of State and Law AS RK PhD in Law, Professor L.R.Nasyrova, PhD in Law, Professor N.K.Abuzyarova, PhD in Law, Professor L.T.Zhanuzakova, PhD in Law S.O.Davletova and others. They are thankfully responsible for creating special scientific methodological context of the University. They taught majors, which were in great demand at that time - jurisprudence, finance and credit, accounting and audit. PhD in Law, Associate Professor L.R.Nasyrova is still delivering lectures in Family and Civil Procedure Law to undergraduate and graduate students of KRIU. She is one of the honored lecturers of the Department of Law.


   The University started its activity in a small campus located on 9, Karatayev street. The President of the University still has reverent memories about the campus building and yard. The photos which are in Temerkhan Baibosynovich's personal files reflect dynamic collegiate life of those days: meeting foreign guests - outstanding public figures of education, science, arts, law; amateur concert party of students and professors, with interesting handmade properties of sketch, business meetings and trips abroad. It is surprising, but in the history of the University, in the memory of the President and the majority of the colleagues there are last and first names of almost all students, their photos. Professors can say what kind of students they were, what they achieved, in what way they were different from each other and who they are now. They have such a thrilling attitude to the students you can see such emotions only in kind Soviet films.


   In 2010 Professor Nysanali Uzhetbayevich Aliyev, PhD in Chemistrywas in the position of Rector, he was invited from KazNTU named after K.Satpayev (due to the illness he left the position). During his management the University significantly strengthened the faculty on technical majors, began to form facilities and equipment for the establishment of the first graduate program of the major.


   At the end of 2010 for the position of Rector by the President's suggestion and decision of the Academic Board was appointed Professor Altyn Kuanyshbekovna Myrzhashova, PhD in Philology. At the moment of her appointment, she was in the position of Vice Rector for Research, before she was in the position of Vice Rector for Teaching and Guiding, in the position of Director of SRI NLLT, she also had 4 years of work experience as a chief. Until her work at KRIU Altyn Kuanyshbekovna had 7 years of experience of scientific and pedagogical activity in Aktobe State University named after K.Zhubanov as a Council Chief of young scientists, Dean Assistance and then Vice Dean of Philological Department.


   A. K.Myrzashova's activity is characterized byinitiative work in organizing scientific and methodic work, advanced training, creating corporative traditions, educational activities for students, scientific international magazine "Vestnik of KRIU", cooperation with universities and region's enterprises, Scientific and Methodic centers, Institutes of Advanced Training.On the base of Russki Mir of the University she headed and developed a grant project, which was approved by the Russian Fund in Moscow.This grant gave the University an opportunity to organize weekly advanced training courses for more than 140 people, Philology faculty of Western region of Kazakhstan, to organize International Scientific Conference with the participation of well-known Russian scientists PhDin Education, Professor N.V.Kulibina (SIRLL named after A.S.Pushkin, Moscow), PhD in Philology, Associate Professor Yu.A.Saphonova (MSU, Moscow), PhDin Philology, Professor T.E.Vladimirova (PFUR, Moscow), PhD in Philology, Associate Professor N.A. Levitskaya (PFUR, Moscow), and also the head of Russian Fund and International Department of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov, V.V.Chastnykh.


   In 2013 the Rector was nominated for awarding a medal "Efficiency in Labor" of National business- rating in Republic of Kazakhstan according to rating of institutions in 2013.


   First majors of the University were Law, Finance and Credit, Accounting and Audit, as well as Translation. These majors are still being offered, and there have been about 7000 graduates.

   Law and Finance majors have dynamic development. Today successful graduate programs in Law and Finance are being offered. Graduate degree in Law is the only one in the Western region of Kazakhstan. The administration pays great attention to the development of this program, hiring skilled faculty, investing much in advanced training and academic mobility, inviting scientists, library and IT resources for the education process.


   These are the results of meticulous work to create educational and material base for majors that started their development thanks to an effective strategy of the President's policy by involving top-ranking faculty, scientific methods, IT- resources of progressive partners from neighboring countries and beyond.