Is the active participation in the country’s renovation on the basis of training of the internationally recognized specialists who possess the innovative methods of problems solving.



     Is the entrepreneurial campus that prepares internationally recognized specialists in the system of lyceum-college-undergraduate-graduate-postgraduate programs, the center for innovation, education and science of the West Kazakhstan.



1. Improvement of educational programs aimed at formation of competitive specialists in the West Kazakhstan, based on the integration of education, science and manufacture.

2. Increase of effectiveness of the research and scientific activity and commercialization of the results of the science and innovation developments in accordance with national priorities.

3. Integration into the international environment promoting the implementation of the world’s standards into the educational process, achievement of international level of the educational programs quality.

4.   Improvement of innovative and entrepreneurial infrastructure of the University.

5. Development of leadership qualities, socio-cultural, moral-spiritual and entrepreneurial competencies in the future specialists.


6. Aktobe is the urban center of Kazakhstan.


7. KRIU is the HEI of the 21st century.


8. Formation of the global successful leader.