is a creation of the high quality education environment in the academic community (faculty, student and employers), allowing each student to realize maximum of his capability (intellectual, emotional and energy potential), to achieve success, to be fit and happy, which will be relevant to the globalization challenges and politics of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



     to create in the period 2014-2018 a sustainable complex operating as self-organizing institution based on the corporate knowledge, continuing education, self-cognition and self-evaluation, depended on the innovative activity, technologic and pedagogic perfection, focused on the high-quality education.



The Development Strategy of the Kazakh-Russian International University for the period 2014-2018 is aimed at realizing goals and objectives of the national education system and the development of the Western region of Kazakhstan in accordance with available resources defining the following long-term directions for the development:

1.     Improving educational programs aimed at the formation of the competitive specialists in the Western Kazakhstan based on the integration of education, science and industry.

2.     Improving the efficiency of research activities and the commercialization of the results of scientific innovations in accordance with the national priorities.

3.     Integration into the international environment conducive to the implementation of the international standards in the educational process. Achievement of international quality level of the educational programs.

4.     Improving the innovative and entrepreneurial infrastructure of Kazakh-Russian International University.

5.     Development of leadership, professional and personal qualities, socio-cultural and entrepreneurial competences of future specialists.

6.     Aktobe is urban center of Kazakhstan.

7.     Kazakh-Russian International University is the University of 21st century.

8.     Development of global successful leader.