Our symbol "Nurterek"

Philosophic content of our symbol «Нұртерек» - “Tree of Light

The meaning. There are several of them.

1)            Cognition. A man cognizes by the sight and hearing that come from organs of sense. A man cognizes by brain which is knowledge by intellect. In these ways pupils and students are taught. There is another way too - cognition by heart and soul, the latter is the one that knows by itself (by Aristotle). It is a way how students should study.

 In the heart a man meets with the all-knowing, all-seeing and all-hearing God.

 A man, who realizes himself/herself, has the ability to cognize by heart that understands the Essence of things. Ондайадамды«Көзі ашық адам» дейді, meaning a man has cognized the essence of things. A man who does not understand the essence of things was called«көкірегінде көзі жоқ, көңілі соқыр адам» (an insensitive man, if his/her soul is blind).

Rational knowledge looks like the Moon, as the Moon shines only by reflecting to the light of the Sun. The Moon shines from the Sun.

 The knowledge gained by heart is the Sun, creating its own light - NUR.

That is why it is necessary to shine not by reflection, but by the own light of knowledge.

Hence, lessons at university should be metaphysical, where Sense, Brain, and Heart reign.

Only educating by Light - Нұрмен, providing a man by his/her own light, planting love for own nation. This love sharps all man's abilities and forms such a key notions as абырой,арнамыс, ерлік- notions of traditional Kazakh ethics.

These traditions should not be confused with love of knowledge, pompous jubilee, painful envy, uncritical attitude to oneself and ancestors, which we have today in our life.

2)            Tree - all that remains from Aktobe tree growing near the University (it is 140-year old), a symbol of place where we live, and a symbol of the eternally renovating life.

3)            Alphabets. Five of the oldest alphabets of mankind - Sumerian, Greek, Chinese, Latin and Cyrillic - where the Word that came from the idea that "First there was a Word and a word was the God..." Everything is crossed and interrelated: light, soul, heart, knowledge, brain, love, people - мәңгілік ел.

 Нұртерек - the Tree of the Light from the Tree of Knowledge, which stands on the ancient Word.

May Нұртерек has a long life as the New symbol of the University!