The Strukture of the University

Today in the structure of the university: 

1. Campus with a total area of ​​over 11 thousand square meters.

2. 6 apartments and a residence. The total area of ​​the housing stock is 1,071.7 square meters, which completely satisfies the need for housing funds to provide accommodation for scientists arriving in the KRMU for academic mobility for lecturing, providing methodological assistance, conducting training seminars, participating in conferences, projects .

3. 2 dormitories, an area of ​​877 sq.m., which completely satisfies the need for accommodation in non-residential hostels and students arriving at the university for academic mobility.

4. The object of supply is 600 sq.m. for 130 places; trade rows, which completely satisfies the need to provide nutrition and other needs of all aspects of life of students, teaching staff and staff during the working day on the territory of the university.

5. A library complex with a printing house is an electronic book flow-operational line for extracting processing, storing and reproducing educational information.

6. Electronic cross-platform for the transformation of scientific information to students.

7. The Park of Health Technology (with sauna and swimming pool) and the Student Polyclinic for providing high-quality medical care, timely comprehensive health and preventive care, preserving and strengthening the health of students, faculty and staff.

8. Own sports hall with an area of ​​226.3 sq.m. and rented area of ​​540 sq.m.

9. 22 laboratories, 1 research institute, 5 centers, 3 museums, a TV studio, a mini theater, a pantomime theater, a disco hall, which fully ensures the quality of scientific and educational process.

10. 502 computers, 22 projectors, 4 interactive whiteboards, 8 televisions, 4 video surveillance systems, 2 interactive information terminals, which is aimed at providing the appropriate information and communication environment for training in accordance with the requirements of the State Program for the Development of Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020.

11. AIS "PLATONUS v 5.1" for automation of educational process management and implementation of DOT.

12. Presence of a book fund - 280417 eid., Provision of students with educational and educational methodical literature on all academic disciplines of the curriculum.

13. The Internet with unlimited access, a wireless network with a speed of access of 96 Mb / s Wi-Fi.

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