Traditions and Symbols of the University

Highest medal - «Altyn kanat» - «Gold Wings»
In 1998 by the decision of Academic Board the highest Prize of Kazakh-RussianInternational University was approved - «Altyn kanat» - “Gold wings”. “Highestprize «Altyn kanat» - Gold Wings”, symbolizes the rise of Kazakhstan in the 21stcentury can happen only on the wings of thought and the wings of young educatedpeople. These people are the most outstanding persons at the time, who contributed significantly to national education!”

The gold medals for "Valor in labour", "Valor in study"

In 2009 in honor of the 15 - year anniversary of Kazakh-Russian International University President Temerkhan Baibosynovich Berdimuratov approved award of gold medals for faculty and employees "Valor in labour"; the best students "Valor in study".