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Business connections

Business relations of KRIU are based on international cooperation with major foreign universities, individual scientists and figures, embassy organizations of foreign countries and the Republic of Kazakhstan; as well as with major personalities, scientists, educationists, artists and politicians of Kazakhstan.

Each business partnership is considered by the University from the point of view of an integrated approach: establishing international relations in all areas of activity; searching for individuals and the best personnel; sharing experience; promoting the principle of tolerance in the education of personnel; developing the ideas "Borderless Science and Education; the Scientific community is United; We are open to everyone!».

Business cooperation has always been a priority in the activities of KRIU and was based on the enthusiasm of the university management. A great weight of financial investments of the university falls on the implementation of business cooperation projects, including:

  • academic mobility of students and employees; 
  • participation in large-scale events in the country and abroad (major forums, symposiums, exhibitions, competitions, events of national significance); 
  • invitation of domestic and foreign scientists for advanced training of university and regional staff, lectures, scientific cooperation; 
  • business trips for the exchange of experience, internships, conclusion of contracts, research work.


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