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Debate Club

Dear site population!

Let me introduce you to the debate club “Eristica” at chair of “Jurisprudence” of the Kazakh-Russian International University. DC “Eristica” was founded in September 2017, and today is the leading club of the Aktobe region. The head of clubs is A.Yu. Boreychuk Master of Law and chairman of DC “Eristica”, 6-time Republican champion Miras Dosimov. Club members are also given the opportunity to work with the best coaches of the region, to participate in tournaments of republican and international importance.

 Participation in DC “Eristica” allows you to:

  • Master the skills of critical thinking and public speaking
  • Improve presentation and speaking skills
  • Broaden the horizons of knowledge in various fields
  • Find new friends and like-minded people.

Peculiarity of the club is the holding of weekly trainings and games in Russian, Kazakh and English languages, during which the most topical issues that affect a variety of areas - economics, politics, law, international relations, culture, environmental issues.

As of January 2018, DC “Eristika” has the following achievements:

  • Winner of the “Regional Debate Tournament dedicated to the International Day against Corruption” October 2017
  • Winner of the “Regional Debate Tournament Dedicated to the Opening of the Winter Season” January 2018
  • Winner of the “Republican debate tournament dedicated to the Day of the First President” October 2017
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