Department of Technical and Natural Science Disciplines

The formation of the Department of Technical and Natural Science Disciplines due to the rapid growth of research in the field of information is related to information technology, automated control systems, physics and mathematics.


The Department of Technical and Natural Science Disciplines was established in 1994 and was named the Department of Mathematics and Informatics. The Department was created by an active team of like-minded professionals, under the leadership of the first heads of the Department - scientists M.S.Kurmanbayeva, R.Ya.Alyamova – who were constantly in search for new ideas, approaches, and methods of modern scientific research. Research wascarried out on the junction of two areas: computer science and mathematics.


In 2008, the Department was renamed to Department of Technical and Mathematical Disciplines, which was associated with the opening of a number of technical specialties. The Department head was Ph.D. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, ProfessorNail Kutluzhanovich Bakirov (1952-2010) who created the original course of higher mathematics.In his doctrines particular attention was paid to the mathematical aspects of technical disciplines, the possibilities of using mathematical methods to solve specific technological problems. Until KRIU he has worked for many years at the Ufa State University, his name is well-known among scientists, mathematicians of Russia.


It is equally important to note that Professor N.K.Bakirov was a son of merited geologist, PhD in Geological and Mineralogical Sciences Kutlu Khakimovich Bakirov who was the first to discover the oilfields known today in Aktobe region.


The management of the University was fortunate to meet him, give an honorary Professor title and escort him on his last journey.He experiencedthe fate of the scientist practitioner, all the years of his fruitful activities were given to science; he died, having lived for nearly 100 years.


Tragically, the son of the scientist Professor Nail Bakirov prematurely died as a victim of a traffic accident. KRIU team was deeply saddened for the loss of such a man. For many years he has been a great friend of the Head of the University Professor T.Berdimuratov. He was his reliable friend, soulful interlocutor and colleague. We can talk for hours about their heartwarming conversations. They discussed a lot of scientific, vital topics. We recall the moment when at the meetings, the Head of the University, in minutes of silence, addressed to Professor N. Bakirov: "And what do you think, Nail Kutluzhanovich? What can tell us exact science? ". And the Professor N.Bakirov started to "rescue" a situation. Model of their behavior, relationships, and work is a real school for young personnel, it is beyond doubt.


In memory of Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, who made a great contribution to the development of mathematics in Russia and Kazakhstan, ProfessorN.Bakirov at the suggestion of the Head of the University by the Academic Council of the University was established the commemorative plaque. Each year, at the Day of Knowledge - September 1, colleagues and students lay flowers and revere his memory by minute of silence.


The future development of the Department was connected with the progress of technical majors, whichwere promoted by the new Department Head, PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate ProfessorZhumabay Barakbaevich Tukashev.


In September 2010, the Department was renamed as the Department of Technical and Science Disciplines. In the period 2011-2013 Zh.B.Tukashev had initiated launching such majors as Civil Engineering, Chemical Processing of Non-organic Substances, Standardization, Metrology and Certification.A distinctive feature of Head of the Department was an active organization of cooperation with industrial enterprises and organizations in the region to implement the internships and laboratory-practical classes. Leading experts of the Regional Information and Computing Center (now - branch of JSC "NC" KTZ "Center of linear development of Aktobe") Head of the Department of Transmission System, Vladimir Moldavanov, chief engineer of RIVTS Serik Alataev were actively involved in the learning process of the Department.  It was a real professional workshop for curious students of technical majors.


Since 2010 and up to now Zh.B.Tukashev in cooperation with the Department has been providing ongoing financial assistance to the orphanage "Umit". Students of the Department were actively involved in this humane action. 


In 2012-2013 academic years PhD in Education, Associate ProfessorSvetlana Faritovna Semenikhina was the Head of the Department. When she was the Head of the Department, the staff was more intensively involved in the scientific and methodological work, the publication of textbooks, trainings, and master classes of methodical nature.


Since 2013 the Department has been led by PhD in Physics and Mathematics Zarina Zhetkergenovna Aleuova – a promising young scientist, an active scholar and the author of more than 25 scientific works published in national and international journals on the differential equations oscillatory processes. Since she took the leadership over the Department, some serious business relationships were established with the departments of major universities in the country, for example, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Almaty), Kazakh-German University (Almaty); Divisions "National Center for Technology Foresight" (Almaty); Institute of Applied Mathematics and Informatics named after K.Zhubanov; Industry Committee of MINT RK (Astana).


A genuine cooperation is developing due to updating the research in the area of green economy, natural resources and environmental protection; modern problems of industry; Chemical Technology, non-organic substances; Automation.


These issues have been addressed with a considerable attention by the University administration. Only over the last 2-3 years, as a result of a successful work of the team, in the education process were invited and involved more than 8 major professors: Candidate of Chemical Sciences, ProfessorK.K.Lepesov (Head of Systems Analysis and Forecasting "National Center for Technology Foresight"); PhD in Chemistry, ProfessorM.K.Aldabergenov (Head of the Department of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University); Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate ProfessorK.M.Shalmaganbetov (Moscow); Master in IT-technologies Nicholas Ourusoff (State University of New Mexico, United States, New Mexico); PhD in Agricultural Sciences, Senior teacher of the Aktobe University named after S.Baishev, A.K.Kurzhembaev; engineer of Aktobe Signaling and Communication, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Senior teacher A.A.Kismanova and others.


Gradually, the Department has built a highly qualified faculty which is supported today by such specialists as PhD in Physics and Mathematics Z.Zh.Aleuova, PhD, R.Ya.Alyamova, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate ProfessorZh.B.Tukashev, PhD in Pedagogics, ProfessorG.A.Takisheva, PhD in Technical Sciences, G.N.Kazbekova, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Associate ProfessorG.T.Ibraeva, PhD in Technical Sciences, Assistant Professor

S.Sahatova, PhD in Technical Sciences, A.Zh.Ayaganova, PhD in Chemical Sciences A.E.Konurbaev, Honored Artist A.Zh.Otegen - Tana, PhD in Technical Sciences, Zh.A.Daev, PhD in Technical Sciences, T.B.Bisembaev, Doctor of Business Administration in Organization and Management A.B.Sagymbay, member of the Union of Designers of Kazakhstan A.T.Zhaparand more than 10 masters of sciences and senior teachers.


The Design major staff has occupied a special place in the career life of the Department. At the initiative of the President of the University ProfessorT.B.Berdimuratov, special art admirer and fan of rare works, honored artists, members of the Union of Artists, ProfessorAnuar Otegen – Tana and Marziya Zhaksygarina, PhD in Cultural Studies were invited into the educational process.The merit of Anuar Zhumagalievich is the good preparation of students of major of Graphic Design. They participated in all international exhibitions and had quite good results as for novice designers.


A.Otegen - Tana was granted the title of Professor, as he laid the foundations of the specialty in Graphic Design of KRIU,as once, trained a whole galaxy of artists, designers who work in institutes in the region and treat their teacher and mentor of Aktobe school of art with respect. Proceedings of the Master and his students are carefully stored in the studio and museum of the University. They are also represented in the regional showrooms, catalogs of international exhibitions in Russia, Poland, Italy and other countries.


The success of the students of ProfessorA.Otegen-Tana caused by professional and responsive approach to each student.


The exhibitions of creative works of design students have become traditional, and the University held them at national and regional levels.


They were the experts and guides on the exhibitions, trying to present their artistic ideas. Neither event of the university is complete without an exhibition of future designers.

The Department of Technical and Science Disciplines offers bachelor’s degrees in Automation and Control, Information Systems, Computer Science and Software Engineering, Safety and Environmental Design, and Civil Engineering and master’s degree programs in Life Safety and Environmental Design. The Department provides necessary educational and scientific laboratories and specialized classrooms.


The Department is equipped with modern computer technologies and unique laboratory equipment, including a modern mini-laboratory of the American company "HACH" for more than 100 species of laboratory studies of water, food, and soil.All classrooms of the Department are equipped with modern multimedia equipment.


Today the Department has a Cabinet – Laboratory for Chemistry, Ecology and Life Safety; Training and Production Firm "Fresco" in "Design"; Cabinet - Laboratory "NUR-SOFT' for IT-Technologies; Laboratory of Physics and Mathematics; Department of IT-technologies with 2 computer rooms . Laboratories of the Department are equipped with the necessary experimental equipment, computers, information and methodological materials.


During the classes the educational process involves using computers with licensed software, projectors, video- and photo- digital cameras, VCRs and TVs, and Internet resources.


In educational and scientific laboratories and offices are conducted lessons, courses of advance training and professional retraining by specialties of the Department. The created educational base allows ensuring high-quality implementation of practical training of basic and major disciplines of the Department, the practical activities of research areas, professional development, internship Department and students, as well as the development of the student business incubator.


The Department pays a great attention to the research of students, graduate students and young scientists. They are active participants in the projects, international and national scientific conferences. Scientific activity is carried out in the following areas:

- Integrated management systems of enterprises;

- Mathematical modeling of processes of governance;

- Methods for solving problems and their practical applications in management of factories;

- Development of mathematical models and algorithms for opposition of computer crimes;

- Fundamentals of mathematical modeling and development of software to solve problems, connected with modeling of control systems, creation of workplaces and information systems, Technology Foresight is the basis of strategic programs for the development of industry;

- Studying of the influence of transition element (for example, chromium VI) on the indicators of SRO and ways of their correction, the concept of visual communication in  magazine’s design;

- The value of Kazakh traditional ornamental motifs for the development of modern graphic design.


The analysis of published works of the Department showed that the Department issued about 2,000 research works, including monograph and textbooks of methodic. A lot of them are widely used in colleges of the city and the country.


The Department cooperates with such academic and industrial organizations as Institution of  Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mathematics with Computing Centre of  Scientific Center in Ufa   (Russian Academy of Sciences); Russian-Armenian (Slavic) State University; Western Regional Center of sanitary-epidemiological expertise in rail transport; "Design Park LTD";Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology"; LLP "Bulak-Agro"; LLP "Enbek Agro"; LLP "Batis-Eco project", LLP "Stroydetal" Aktobe branch of JSC "NC" KTZ Aktobe distance electricity ", Aktobe branch of JSC "Railways of Kazakhstan"; Aktobe branch of  "National Research Institute of  labor protection" of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection in Kazakhstan; LLP "Regional Industrial Technopark "Aktobe "; LLP “Sigma Graphics” and many others scientific and industrial organizations. The aims of these connections are exchange of projects, training programs, exchange of experience of production activities, conducting of practical classes on the basis of production, organization of joint scientific projects (conferences, round tables, Internet conferences).


The Department of the Department is actively working with students in Aktobe, who are involved in the conduct of university school competitions in mathematics, computer science, physics and chemistry; as well as sports games - chess, togyz kumalak, etc.The Department maintains connection with the school teachers and holds seminars for them.


Overall, the Department has more than 6.5 thousand graduates who are now skillful professionals in the field of optimal control, automation systems, software, graphic design, and information technology. Most of them successfully use their knowledge and skills, working on industrial plants, commercial firms, government agencies, academic institutions of Kazakhstan and other countries. The number of current students in the Department reaches today almost three thousand people, including graduate students.


The students of the Department majors are highly professional in the field of information technology, including many of those who already hold important positions at the university and commercial organizations in the region. They are in demand as programmers, server systems managers, assistant engineers, website developers for companies and robotics; as well as design managers for photographic studios, advertising and printing. As an example we can mentionM.Muha, D.Mayer,A.Zhugunisov, D.Zyazeva, D.Derezovsky and others.


Only in the current academic year, the Department is performing 8 custom-ordered research works of graduate students and undergraduate studentsaimed at solving problems and developing design projects for logos, architecture, and quality management system of educational, electronic learning resources. Researches are conducted on the basis of a large company called  “Kazchrome”, universities in the region and laboratories of KRIU.


The leading students of technical majors for the first time in the history of the region participatedin the National Youth Delphic Games of Kazakhstan (2012), where they achieved good results and came up to the national level, becoming the winners (1st and 3rd places). They won in the categories "Photography" and "Painting".


Surprisingly, among the students of technical majors there are a lot of creative people who are seriously fond of poetry. Among these students are those who will always remain in the symbols in the University history. They are the authors of the University Hymn (2011) Adilkhan Niet (AC) and Nurbolat Bokenbaev (Computation and Software).Today this Anthem is recognized as the best one and it is the hallmark students’ creativity. It sounds at all University’s events, reflecting the specifics, the nature and activities of the international university.


The creativity of technical students goes beyond the boundaries;that’s why we see them in the famous WHC team "Alau", Arman Issatayev. They also are among the initiators to develop robots controlled via a mobile phone; in the group beautiful interior designers of the University; as well as among the developers of the web-site of the University in 3D (and M.Muha D.Mayer). A special merit is the initiative to develop an internet - based store for Brand Lab Management of the minimarket “Champs Elysees” (Michael Muha).Not less creative is the staff of the Department, characterized by persistence in the development of the Department, resourcefulness, self-discipline in all areas of the University life and imaginative nature. Nobody can leave them behind in sport games and relays, which were held in autumn and winter, New Year's competitions and celebration of Nauryz-meymary.


As people of the University say, this Department’s staff has the largest families because the young employees of the Department are always happy, they have families and give a birth to more than 3 or 4 children, which does not prevent them from continuing to fight and work actively, despite the problems of small households. Their optimism infects all the other colleagues.