Law Department

The history of the Department of Law is intimately related with the history of establishing the University.


In the early 1990s there was a need of highly qualified specialists in the field of jurisprudence, as it was the time of great changes in all spheres of life in Kazakhstan. New specialists were demanded, especially those who had deep understanding of Kazakhstan legal system, which began to form an independent judicial branch.


The challenge was to provide high-quality teaching staff for the training of the first lawyers in the region, as it was the beginning, and we were the sole experience of higher education school in Aktobe at that moment.


The University management has been steadfast in addressing this challenge to search for highly qualified facultywith scientific degrees and experience in the legal sphere.At first sight, it was an incredible challenge, because there was no scholar of jurisprudence in our region, high-quality literature on this subject and a developed legal system.


Genuine patriotism and belief in their cause were a good momentum for the development of legal education in Aktobe region.At that moment, the President of the University Temirkhan Baybosynovich Berdimuratov made a safe choice, ushering the higher legal education of the region by attracting the best lecturers from Moscow who were legal experts and experienced practitioners.


Thus, the first students of the Law Department of Kazakh-Russian International University had an opportunity to attend lectures delivered by the high quality lecturers such as PhD in Law, Professorof theThe Russian Federation V.V.Bezbakh, PhD in Law, Professor, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation V.P.Seregin; Minister of Internal Affairs, lieutenant General K.Suleymenov (1999); Attorney General of Republic of Kazakhstan Yu.L.Hitrin (1999); First Lady of Kazakhstan S.A.Nazarbayeva (2000); scientists at the Institute of State and Law, Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, PhD in Law, ProfessorL.R.Nasyrova, PhDin Law, ProfessorN.K.Abuzyarova, PhDin Law, Professor L.T.Zhanuzakova and others.


They were real Personalities, high-level professionals who firmly laid the foundation of legal profession in the University. We still have the results of their activities at our University. They include, first of all, graduates who have become great people, chosen the career of a lawyer and kept the best personal qualities. Among them there are Assistant Prosecutor, junior Counselor in justice N.Yu.Belousova; Prosecutor of Temir district, junior Counselor in justice E.E.Esmuhanov; Prosecutor of Kargala district, justice adviser M.K.Dauletov; chief prosecutor of the Office for Supervising legitimacy of pre-trial stage of the criminal process, junior Counselor in justice A.E.Umbetalin; specialist of legal statistics JSDR CA (Juridical Statistics and Dedicated Recording Committee Administration) and General out - lay of RK A.B.Tankeev; Head of Institutional Control of Tax Department of Aktobe region A.B.Kuzherbaev; Chief Specialist of Customs Control Organization and Customs Control Department of Aktobe region A.I.Shishkin; investigator ID EGI Aktobe region S.A.Abdildin; polygraph of Department for Controlling Economic Crimes and Corruption of Aktobe region M.K.Shilmahanova.


Department of Law over the years strengthened its personnel resources, material and technical base, improved curricula and formed a positive image of the University.


Famous scientists were the heads of the Law Department at different times: PhDin Law, Associate ProfessorL.R.Nasyrova (1995-1996); PhDin Law, ProfessorV.P.Seregin (1996-1998); PhDin Law, ProfessorA.M.Nurmagambetov (1998-2002); PhD in Law, Associate ProfessorA.B.Koshykov (2002-2002); PhD in Law, Associate ProfessorR.Sh.Zhumagazieva (2002-2009); PhD in Law, Associate ProfessorD.A.Isaykin (2009-2012).


Throughout the years, there have been and still  are more than 7 Doctors of Philosophy in Law - V.P.Seregin, T.A.Agdarbekov, S.E.Kairzhanova, G.S.Maulenov, and E.O. Tuzelbaev, A.M.Nurmagambetov, A.A.Smagulov; more than 50 PhD in Law holders, 20 Masters who practice Law and are the leading experts in legal matters, as well as more than 30 senior lecturers.


Today the Department can be proud of colleagues, who in the walls of the University have achieved significant results in scientific activities and successfully defended doctoral and master's thesis. Among them there are A.B.Koshikov, R.Sh.Zhumagazieva, Z.M.Baymagambetova, A.A.Zhumabayeva, A.A.Kuatova.


Today there are about 1,300 students, more than 70 graduate students, and more than 27 scientists, Masters and Professors in the Department. The Department of the Department has a good practical experience and professional reputation in the legal sphere of the region. Among them there are many scholars who had worked in the law enforcement system more than 15 and 20 years, they are experience-governmental lawyers, criminologists, lawyers, international and family law, have a high officer rank of Colonel. The younger generation of lawyers is educated by such specialists as A.A.Smagulov, E.O.Tuzelbaev, A.M.Nurmaganbetov, L.R.Nasyrova, D.A.Isaykin, R.Sh.Zhumagazieva, A.S.Smagulova, N.I.Kairova, A.B.Turekulov, S.K.Bekmagambetov, T.Zh.Karataev, A.A.Gasanov, M.E.Ali, F.Galym, B.A.Telibekov, A.Smagulov, A.K.Sabitayeva, E.A.Atsieva, A.A.Zhumabaeva and others.


Research at the Department of Law, provided by the organizational structure of the University, which is an integral part of the educational activities, the most important factor in increasing of intellectual potential, quality of education.


Nowadays the Department conducts research in the most important and prioritized areas of Kazakhstan legislation. Only in the last 2 years (2012-2013) there have been published about 50 scientific papers in the international, national, inter­university conferences and in the media; as well as more than 35 textbooks and monographs.The University started creating facilities and equipment, founding scientific structuralsubdivisions on the project "Academic Departments" in connection with the personification and actualization of research activities. This Department develops the following scientific directions:

-               Legislation improvement in the area of gender equality and mediation; research advisor, head of the department: PhD in Law, ProfessorN.I.Kairova;

-               Comparative linguistics and International private law, research advisor, head of the department: PhD in Law, Professor D.A.Isaikin;

-               Criminalistics and forensic enquiry, research advisor, head of the department: PhD in Law, Professor A.A.Gasanov;

-               Procedural guarantees of constitu­tional rights at the stage of preliminary investigation, research advisor, head of the department: PhD in Law, Professor T.Zh.Karatayev;

-               The current status and perspectives of court control for punishment within applying the criminal policy in Kazakhstan, research advisor, head of the department: PhD in Law, senior teacher, M.E.Ali;

-               Legal policy of protecting constitutional and civil rights of Republic of Kazakhstan citizens, research advisor, head of the department: PhD in Law, Associate ProfessorA.S.Smagulova.


Efforts of the staff are aimed at creating legal knowledge of students. The department cares for its history, trying to keep the best, and, at the same time to keep up with the times, creating favorable conditions for modern education. The Department always searches for new forms of work with undergraduate and graduate students. The Department organizes conferences, scientific and methodological seminars, round tables, debates, competitions, various methods of interactive forms of education.


Most of the undergraduate and graduate students of the University are interested in the development of research activities. They take part in conferences and scientific students' clubs "Criminalist", "Civilian", "Themis".In the scientific tradition of the University and the Department are established forums for the defense and presentation of the project works of students. According to the results some students participated in national competitions, academic competitions and they were offered jobs in the University based on Educational Research and Production Corporation "NUR".


Scientific Society helps students to join the topical issues of law, maintaining the dignity of informal student community.To build practical skills the students will need in their future profession and while providing legal aids we have established the "Centre of Legal Consulting and Mediation".


All over the year, undergraduate and graduate students have an opportunity to get and to study training materials in the specialized computer classrooms.


In the information center "Заңгер" students have an access to databases of the "Jurist" application and international legislation.


One of the ways to increase the quality of education of future lawyers is ongoing collaboration with various organizations on a contractual basis.For many years the Department has been cooperating with SU "Legislation University of Republic of Kazakhstan" Astana, Aktobe Public Prosecution Office, Aktobe Regional Court, Department of Satisfying Judicial Acts, Aktobe Department of Internal Affairs, Regional Bar, Department of Justice in Aktobe, Aktobe Law Institute of MIA RK, Notary Association of Aktobe region. Our undergraduate and graduate students have internships in these organizations where they get empiric materials for research.


In cooperation with organizations the Department provides a serious work on the implementation of educational monitoring in order to create understanding of the quality of training. There is put questions to employers of Aktobe, West Kazakhstan, Atyrau and Mangistau regions.


One of the key issues of educational-methodical activity of the department is to improve and update curricula, considering the regional specification of development of the Aktobe region. This academic year, have been developed and implemented the following elective courses: Legal regulation of the movement of capital, the Institute of Mediation, Investment Law, Petroleum Law, Actual problems of criminal liability of legal entities in Republic of Kazakhstan, CIS countries  and others.


Lectures and practical classes are conducted in special study rooms: research laboratories, "Academic Court", "Theoretical Study of State and Law", "Criminalistics in the Court Expertise". There was established the Center of Legal Consulting and mediation. The main objective of the Center is to provide such types of legal services as: legal advice on criminal, civil, family, economic, labor disputes, establishment of contracts, acquisition of accident data, claim statements to court, to appeal the actions of government authorities, legal advice on the application of the legislation, assistance in the registration of an individual entrepreneur. Activity of the Centre will make a significant contribution to development of the professional competence of students and skill improvement.


This Department keeps up with the University tradition of international cooperation and involvement of the best professors. Nowadays the university has more than 5 contracts with foreign partners in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, South Korea, USA and Poland on the exchange of training programs and experience of education activity, the organization of joint research projects (conferences, roundtables), academic mobility.


To efficiently develop students' personal potential, we conduct cultural - educational work at the university. Undergraduate and graduate students take an active part in republic and regional cultural educational events: "Student Matriculation", "Student's spring", "Club of the Merry and Inventive", "Miss of Alma Mater", Also they visit theaters, museums, cinemas, and exhibitions.


The students of law Department have had an active civil position, not indifferent attitude to social issues and active participation in the activities of national importance, such as activities of the Department of internal policy of city and region, the Department of Internal Affair "Nur Otan". Among them are a lot of volunteers who participate in large forums, official meetings, actions, in particular to combat offense, corruption, domestic violence. Many of them have continued their activities as public servants.


Among the students, there are a lot of famous sportsmen making Kazakhstan, the region and the university famous worldwide. These sportsmen are N.Kalzhanov (multiple champion of RK, Asia in boxing) R.Alekenov (Creco-Roman wrestling, candidate master), A.Amanzhol (judo, sambo, candidate master), Zh.Tleugabylov (kickboxing), S.Kozhas (Kazakh wresting, judo), Zh.Amangeldy (volleyball), E.Tynyshtykov (boxing), M.Yersainova (volleyball, basketball, straightball), A.Nitullina (football, taekwondo), A.Saparbayev (catch style), K.Nurbergen (boxing), S.Aldiyarova (air weapon shooting) and others.


The Law Department, being one of the first units of the University, has an integral career history with the University. Opening the first Graduate Study program specifically in this Department in 2011 was a symbolic event.


So, again in the history of the university was entered the Department of Law, as a department, marked the beginning of postgraduate education in the whole western Kazakhstan - Master's Degree in Law (details in the section "Master").


The total number of graduates for 20 fruitful years is 3700 lawyers, including 1400 JDs (so-called specialists- lawyers), 2250 Bachelors and the 16 first LLMs (Masters of Law) in the Western Region.