The Department of Economics, Management, and Service

There are two departments - the Department of Economics, Management, and Service and the Department of Law that have a special place in the development of the University history. The University’s career future depended on the development of the first majors offered by these departments: Finance and Credit, Accounting and Audit, and Law.


Since the University was developing in the framework of the economic development of its country, the preparation of the specialists with higher economic education in the region became a priority for the University.


In the history of the Department the first were financiers and accountants. First students of the Department were about 30 people, 8 of them graduated the University with honors degree.  First graduates gave a powerful impetus for the further development of economic profession. In 2001 the Department obtained a license to open 3 new specialties/majors:  Economics, Business and Commerce, Management of the Organization. The Department not only preserved these majors, but also increased them.


Today, thanks to high intellectual potential and modern material and technical facilities, the Department of Economics, Management, and Service has significantly expanded the range of educational programs. It offers 6 undergraduate programs in Management, Accounting and Audit, Finance, Marketing, Tourism, Social and Cultural Services and 2 graduate programs in Management and Finance.


The Department has expanded and grown enough in the way of development of laboratory facilities, human resources, international cooperation and the number of students. The number of students of economic majors reaches 900 people.


The scientific fundamental platform and good methodological potential of the Department were laid at the time by the first scientists - economists in the region, who started their career within the walls of KRIU. Additionally, the University administration invited professors from the capital cities of Kazakhstan and foreign universities: PhD in Economics, ProfessorA.Manyushis, PhD in Economics, ProfessorA.A.Ovsyannikov, PhD in Economics, ProfessorL.G.Khodov, PhD in Economics Yu. N.Ivanov, PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate ProfessorS.I.Biryukov, PhDin Economics, D.A.Ashirov, PhD in Economics, V.A.Alexandrov, PhD in Economics V.Serov, PhD, M.N.Romanchuk, Doctor in Philology, Associate ProfessorU.B.Bayzhomartov and others.


If we recall for a moment how developed an economic science in the young state in the early 90th, we must pay tribute to people, who started to build this scientific field of the newly emerging practical basis. The University has made a great contribution to the development of regional economic schools, introducing scientific and methodological advances of economists from across the country. Everything was carried out by manual control of the teaching process, by the method of determining actual directions in the preparation of modern economists, who had to receive the education at the age of changing of the national science, technology and civilization.


The undergone path has shown that only commitment to work and emotional investment in the education of the Department and students bring great spiritual and intellectual dividends. Among those who grew up within the walls of the University and became a leading specialist in his/her field today are ProfessorS.V.Sulima, PhD in Economic Sciences,  Associate ProfessorG.T.Kunurkulzhaeva, PhD in Economic Sciences, Associate ProfessorR.A.Karabasov, PhD in Economic Sciences, Associate ProfessorG.E.Zhumina, PhD, Associate ProfessorZ.A.Alyamova,  Dr. S.B.Dyusegalieva, DBA, Master of Finance, Dr. M.S.Nurmaganbetova, DBA, Master of Finance, Dr. Zh.K.Sharipova, DBA, Master of Finance, Dr. PhD O.I.Lygina and others. They successfully work in universities of country as professors, rectors, heads of departments, and many of them continue research and teaching activities at Alma mater and faithfully serve their cause.


The first teachers who received  the Degree of Doctor of BusinessAdministration were the members of the Department of Economics, Management, and Service,  (M.S.Nurmaganbetova, S.B.Dyusegalieva, Zh.K.Sharipova, A.K.Oteshova), due to the  international cooperation of KRIU  with European University in Switzerland for more than 10 years, they received the Degree of Doctor of Business Administration in Finance and Investment.


This international program is offered even today. It was opened 10 years ago by the President of the University Professor T.Berdimuratov as business partner of the European University, which provided a great opportunity for international postgraduate education, at that time when in Kazakhstan did not talk about integration in European education. Such strategic decisions were made by the University more than once. They were successfully implemented in the region by the Head of the University, who was an innovator of national education and science.


Experienced and recognized faculty of the Department who initiated the modern economic science in the region, made an invaluable contribution to the development of current competent specialists representing their school in the field of economics and business of prosperous Kazakhstan and many foreign countries. The names of the graduates, their professional growth, personal qualities and academic interests have always been the main value of the Department and the University.


Among them are the pride of the University, graduate of the Finance major, Akim of Aktobe region, respected Archimedes Begezhanovich Mukhambetov; First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on the Execution of Judicial Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan S.M.Li; Head of Department of Finance of BTA Bank, Deputy Head of SME Sales of BTA Bukanov N.; Chief Accountant of SI “Aktobe Regional Advisory - Diagnostic Center” I.I.Bayseuova; Inspector of SI “Treasury management Zhalagash region of Kyzylorda oblast' A.D. Baizhanova; Chief Specialist of the Tax Department of Aktobe region M.S.Dzhusupova; Financial Advisor of “Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan” E.A.Sarsenov; Economist of “EKOEKSPRESS Aktobe” LLP E.E.Kalabaev and many others.


Students of economics majors are always distinguished by unprecedented organization, ingenuity, wit, comprehensiveness, oratory, great charm in terms of communication and appearance. They do not lose these qualities, and it is absolutely clear why we see them among the first winners of medals, awards, titles and other high-level awards.


For instance, the first winner of the Gold Medal of the University “For Valor in Study” became a student with a major in Finance, Peter Jasko (2009). The following students became winners of national Olympiads: L.Anes, Zh.Kadirbaeva, G.Zharimbetova (VI Republican Student Olympiad on “Management” was held at Al Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty, 2014); A.Mustakhimova, N. Kanybekuly, A.Abdurakhmanova (VI Student Republican Subject Olympiad, “Finance”, KazEU. named after T.Ryskulov, Almaty, 2014).


Girls of economics majors also remain in the region's history as the first Miss. The Department is proud of K.Strelskaya and L.Ganieva who won the first titles Miss Aktobe since 2011.

Only in the past calendar year undergraduate and graduate students of the Department participated in international and national events, including 3 conferences (57 students); 3 workshops (106 people) in 6 round tables (139 people), International forums (3 people), trainings (75 people), 5 contests and competitions (23 people).


Participation of students in the following annual events of student research became traditional at the  Department:

• Annual Republican contest "Jas sarapshy", Astana;

• International Internet business simulation games (Business Play) (ISBO7 - Georgia);

• Annual City essay contest for the best coverage of President's Message  to the people of Kazakhstan;

• Scientific, methodical and training seminars for the preparation of specialties and relevant socio-economic issues;

• Annual round-table discussions dedicated to the Day of the Financier and the Day of the National Currency of Kazakhstan;

• Annual National Competition "Best Student Research Project";

• Annual Student Scientific Conference of the University "Contribution of young specialists to solving of social and economic problems";

• Annual student’s project "Training Sales Exchange Simulator" organized by the Agency of the financial markets "IRBIS" with the support of JSC "Kazakhstan Stock Exchange", Astana.


The University is constantly equipping the classrooms and laboratories with modern educational laboratory equipment and furniture to increase the quality of educational programs of the department and to create conditions for research activities. Recently, for these purposes, there have been acquired a significant amount of computer, audio, video equipment and software. The present level of equipment allows conducting the educational process at a high level, focusing it on enhancing of the technological capabilities.


Distinctive features of all specialized classrooms and laboratories include the training interior and material and technical facilities beginning from furniture designed especially for forums, round tables and group creative works. Specialized offices of the Department cannot be imagined without modern video cameras, computers, interactive whiteboards, a thematic digital library, and exhibitions.


Today training of the future specialists is performed according to the cutting edge technologies. However, in the history of the University there were times, which we still remember, when for the academic purposes the President T.B.Berdimuratov created a real learning bank with real operating systems, departments, and currency. For that project the University spent 600 thousand tenge in 2001-2002 academic years. Bank notes of the learning bank – Nury - were printed at the printing office, named in the honor of the previous name of the university AIMBL “NUR”. The Bank had its own exchange rate, and students earned Nury in accordance with their grades obtained at the fixed rate. So, they learned the basics of banking, starting with the creation of the bank, to the development of the currency. Once this unusual technology of education was described in the republican newspaper called "Kazakhstan Today".


Today Nury are securely stored at the University Museum as an evidence and memory of the interactive learning technology, always aimed for creative technological solutions of the educational process.  KRIU has always and everywhere been distinguished by the creative educational approach. The founder of the University Professor. T.B.Berdimuratov teaches his staff to be the first and the best - if you do something, do it better than others; grasp, create and decide quickly, dedicating your spirit.Surprisingly, the students-economists have always been supporters of such registered training policy. Today, the traditions of the Department have successfully been pursued by the creation of real production facilities - laboratories, training firms, and business incubators. For instance, one of the most promising laboratories of the Department and the University is the Laboratory of Brand Management, established in 2011, which allows integrating  scientific, educational, and production processes.  The Laboratory was established in parallel with the mini­market “Champs Elysees”, which was a major project of the University in 2011.For the construction, equipment, maintenance of information and personnel resources, etc. was spent more than 50 million tenge.


The structure of the Laboratory, including an operating shop convenience store “Champs Elysees”, allows the students of the major in Socio-cultural Service to acquire practical skills of modern technologies and services, skills of economical and organizational activities, as well as personnel management. At this Laboratory students-managers are getting practical skills of economic activity and organization management learn to choose options for the most efficient development and staff motivation, as well as the formation of the optimum structure of the organization management. Students majoring in “Finance” obtain the experience of the use of economic categories, identification of areas of financial strategy, organization of financial relationships, planning, budgeting and forecasting of financial and economic processes, preparation of reporting and other legal documents. Future accountants are becoming competent in developing a rational system of accounting and reporting based on the selection of an effective accounting policy, accounting for the availability and flow of assets and determining the results of its economic and financial activities, handling accounting and reporting information. To update the activities of the Laboratory was concluded a number of agreements about joint research projects, conferences, symposia, forums, training seminars, training courses and train ships for students, teachers and staff: with such travel agencies as "Zera-tour", "Caspian Industries LTD", "Gulnar Tour", "World", the  Department of Tourism, Physical Culture and Sports of  Aktobe region, Department of Statistics and other government organizations:  "City station for young tourists" LLP, "Brock Trans Service" LLP, "International Relations", etc.


Due to close connection of the Department with the production, KRIU effectively solves the problem of employment of its graduates: over 80% of the graduates of the Department have been employed in the last five years.


The connection with enterprises and organizations of sector of the economy is fixed by long-term contracts. There are  more than 40 organizations, including the organization of  sector of economy such as JSC "Aktobe plant of chromium compounds", JSC "Aktyubrentgen" LLP, "Akpan" LLP, "Remstroyproject", LLP "Sandrilling", "CNPC AktobeMunaiGas”,  tourism agencies such as "City station for young tourists", LLP "Zera-tour", LLP "Kabiyev and C", and others.


The high rating of the university among other higher education institutions in the region enables KRIU graduates get a job in financial organizations. Among them are JSC "Alliance Bank", JSC "BTA Bank" JSC, "Temir Bank", JSC "Home Credit Bank", JSC "Nurbank", JSC "Sberbank of Russia", JSC Insurance Company  “ CENTRAS INSURANCE”, Insurance company  “ASKO” and many others, offersundergraduate and graduate students to undertake an internship.


The Department professors are constantly advancing their research and teaching qualifications. Only over the last year, they have participated in more than 16 advanced training courses, including 4 of the international level, 7 of the republic level, and 5 of the university level. The Department pays serious attention to the organization of training courses and work of scientific seminar. Over the last year these seminars were attended by over 300 people. Last year, the Department took the 3 place as to skill improvement and economic effects of this activity.


Every year, the Department staff participates in a large number of international, national, and regional scientific conferences. During the last year, scientists of the Department made presentations at 17 international and regional conferences, including 2 international events in non-CIS countries and 11 international events in Russia, the Ukraine, Poland, and Kazakhstan, as well as 3 republic-level conferences and one presentation delivered online.


Intensive scientific activities have resulted in the significant increase of publications, which have exceeded 130 pp (over 2,000 pages) over the last two years.  During the last year, scientists of the Department released 8 textbooks, more than 60 scientific papers, including 5 published in international journals with high impact factor. Teachers of the Department serve internship in enterprises and organizations of the cities of Aktobe region and that allows improving their skills and also having a positive impact on the quality of education.


The academic mobility of the Department is very active. Over the last 2-3 years the Department has had more than 20 outgoing and incoming mobilities, organized with domestic metropolitan and foreign universities: Almaty (Kazakh University of Economics named after T.Ryskulov,  Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi); Astana (University "Turan", L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University)  and also  Poland (Alcide De Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy in Józefów); Indonesia (Pancasila University, Jakarta); USA (University of Hartford, Madison), (University of Illinois at Chicago); Serbia (Ministry of Economy of Serbia), and others.


Today the Department is delivering a practice-oriented education, actively implementing projects to promote the “Entrepreneurial University”. There are 19 professors holding Doctor of Philology, PhD, DBA and Master’s degree. It is interesting that the Head of the Department started his career as a teacher at KRIU more than 10 years ago. Now Professor Sergey Sulima, PhD in Economic Sciences holds the position of the Head of the Department. He is an active scholar and mentor of students, as well as a participant of the MES of RK events.


The Department of Economics, Management and Service  has had around 2500 graduates for all years of its operation, and in 2014 there will be another historical event – the first 26 Master’s degree students will graduate with a major in Management and Finance.