The Department of Kazakhstan History and Social and Humanitarian Disciplines

The Department of Kazakhstan History and Social and Humanitarian Disciplines (DKHSHD) isclosely linked with the Department of Psychology and Socio -Humanitarian Disciplines. In 2013 it was reorganized and divided into two departments: the current (DKHSHD) one and the Department of Psychology, Philology and Translation. The Department was created with the goal of integrating of social and Humanitarian General fields of education cycle, providing total university training. 


In light of the recent government objectives to enhance and strengthen mechanisms for patriotic education and to create a respect towards the history of own people and region, as well as to update the historical science in Kazakhstan, the university has decided to raise scientific staff, the history scientists, that can efficiently implement the national ideology and founding. To meet this target, KRIU created an independent Department, the DKHSHD. Only for the current academic year, we invited Doctor in Philosophy in History D.K.Abenov, D.Ya.Frizen, and N.V.Stepanenko.


Nowadays, the Department is represented by 5 PhD, 3 Masters and 2 Professors. The head of the Department is one of the leading specialists in the region, a scientist and historian, Ph.D., Associate Professor Daulet Kusainovich Abenov.


There is a plan of opening a new department related humanitarian majors such as Regional Studies. In the future, there is an intention to expand elective courses aimed at addressing regional problems, improve human resources, launch new majors, and get the status of a graduating department.


The facultyof the Department is currently working on a research topic "Actual problems of socio- economic and political development in Western Kazakhstan". On this topic in the current year there were published 2 monographs, 4 textbooks and more than 14 scientific articles.


The department is actively developing business relationships with government agencies, archives, museums, broadcasting companies, tourist agencies, and sport schools in the region. This activity is reflected in the participation of the faculty of the Department as a jury, members of TV project, competitions and events organized by these institutions. The university has received many letters of appreciation for research, cultural, historical-cognitive activities of the faculty of the department. Among them are:  Regional Educational Center, Regional Museum of local lore, Regional State Archives and Regional Public Library named after S.Baishev.


The Department teaches the students of all undergraduate majors classes related to the general education disciplines. Also the Department offers an elective course "Religious Studies" and one of the main graduate educational programs - History and Philosophy of Science.


The Department has established an electronic library which is being updated regularly

(a bank of electronic textbooks), including a selection of Internet information resources. Developed and implemented electronic textbooks on such disciplines as History of Kazakhstan, Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology. Interactive methods are used in the implementation of intellectual games, such as "Brainstorm", "Intellectual Olympiad", "Brain Ring", "What? Where? When? " within the framework of such discipline as History of Kazakhstan, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, Principles of Law, Foundations of Economic Theory.


The advanced professional trainings of the faculty are one of the Department priorities. Teachers are regular participants of methodological seminars, refresh courses in the region and at the institutions of Republic. Only in the past year, the Department organized more than 5 scientific and methodological activities: an international seminar 'Applying for international research grants" (University Professor M.Bergander Hartford, USA); National seminar "Education quality in the world and in Kazakhstan" (PhDof Pedagogy, Academician A.K.Kusainov, APSK Almaty); master classes "Біріңғай ұлттық тестілеуге дайындық" (Associate Professor

B.K.Abenov, KRIU); scientific seminar "Pressing problems of the prevention of suicide among adolescents and young adults" (Associate Professor R.Sh.Zhumagazieva, KRIU).


In 2013, the faculty of the department participated in 14 different advanced training courses, including 4 of the international level, 4 of the republic level, and 6 in the University. The number of organizations that have been trained only in the current year is 5, including the number of international level - 2, national level - 2, University - 1.


Educational work is an important aspect of the Department activities, and it is being conducted among students to explain and promote the features of the state policy of Republic of Kazakhstan. The goal is to reach the inter-ethnic harmony and peace, to familiarize students with the modern philosophical and ideological values, based not only on economic interests, but also of universal moral values such as having interethnic harmony, social partnership, respect for language and culture of the Kazakh and all other peoples of sovereign Kazakhstan. Every lecture and seminar includes an educational aspect. The plans of the educational work of the department include measures to promote healthy lifestyles, including the organization of cultural activities and sport competitions. The Department has the required facilities and powerful tangible assets for development of scientific structural units of the project "Academic Department".


In logistical terms, the Department has very strong physical assets, which provided for the development of scientific structural units in the project "Academicals Department". As a laboratory base, the Department has 2museums (the Museum of the University and the Museum of the Designer Findings), a modern sport complex "Bodrost", a gym, and 2 lecture halls.


The teaching staff of the Department takes an active part in all events organized by the University and the Akimat of the city of Aktobe and region. The department is involved in promoting all directions stated by the President in the Kazakhstan Development Strategy "Kazakhstan- 2050".

Head of the Department D.Abenov is a permanent member of the city campaign group to explain the Epistles of the President of Kazakhstan. Teachers take part in the TV show local media "Kazakhstan-Aktobe" and "Rika-TV" to promote the history of the region and Kazakhstan, take part in programs about the historical and cultural traditions of the Kazakh people.


Purposeful development of own scientific schools, updated scientific activities of the educational process have created the conditions for development of following research department structures. The Academic departments include:

I.             Pressing problems of socio-economic and political development in Western Kazakhstan in the late nineteenth - early twentieth century:

a/ History of Western Kazakhstan in archival sources and periodicals - Supervisor Associate


b/ Development of agrarian relations in the region

-   the supervisor Associate Professor D.Ya.Frizen .

c/ Features law- political development - Supervisor Associate R.Sh.Zhumagazieva .

II.           Value orientations of young people in professional self-determination (on materials of sociological research in Western region) - the supervisor Associate ProfessorS.B.Kurmanova.

III.         Sports and recreational aspects of educating students in the formation of competitive specialists - the supervisor ProfessorS.A.Goniyants (RGUFKSMT, Moscow).


The scientific activities of academic departments are being performed by scholars, graduate and undergraduate students of KRIU, clinic staff "Nur", health park "Bodrost" staff, scientists from other universities in the region and abroad.