The Department of Psychology, Philology and Translation

The Department of Psychology, Philology and Translation was established in 1994, in other words, since the creation of the University. Initially it was called the Department of Foreign Languages, in 1996 the Department was named "Language and Translation", in 2005 the Department was renamed into "Philology and Translation", and finally in 2013 it was expanded into the  Department of "Psychology, Philology and Translation".


The first Head of the Department of Foreign Languages was a senior lecturer, Associate Professor V.I.Agapova. Later S.S.Eskazina, PhD in Philology, Associate Professor was the Head of the Department. In 1996, a well-known specialist, a senior teacher, who died early, a gifted linguist V.J.Yambaev was invited to be the Head of the Department. Later, several people headed the Department, including a senior lecturer, experienced professional of translation M.V.Baydildinova; Associate Professor S.S.Kulmagambetova, PhD in Pedagogy; Zh.A.Issina, PhD in Philology. Today, the Head of the Department is Associate Professor Gulfia Muratovna Yapparova, a leading specialist, scientist, educator who has a solid base of Moscow Scientific School of Institute of Social Pedagogy of Russian Academy of Education.


In different years, the following scientists were working in the Department: Professor Z.A.Nazarov, PhDin Medical Sceinces,  A.I.Mambetova, PhD in Cultural Studies, K.Sh.Urazgaliev, PhD in Biology,  R.S.Temirkulova, PhD in Medical Science, Associate Professor S.P.Teneryadnova, PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor K.Zh.Dzholchibekova,  PhD in Philology,  Associate Professor S.K.Iskendirova, PhD in Philology , Senior teacher G.B.Berdimuratova, ProfessorK.B.Urazaeva, PhD in Philology,  M.Zh.Zhaksygarina, PhD in Cultural Studies, Associate ProfessorN.A.Ekibayeva,PhD in Philology.


Currently, the Department is represented by the new Department members consisting of Pedagogical, Psychological and Philological scientists. The Department offers undergraduate programs in very relevant majors as per today standards: Translation Studies, Psychology, Social Pedagogy and Self-Knowledge, Kazakh and Russian Philology. Next academic year there will be opened such specialties as Journalism, Foreign Languages ​​and Master's Program of Psychology.

There are 500 current students at the Department. It has 600 graduates over the history of its existence.


It is remarkable that there are many professors who have been working at the Department since its establishment for many years. Among them there are  Professor T.B.Berdimuratov, Professor A.K.Myrzashova,Associate Professor M.V.Baydildinova, Associate Professor L.T.Berdimuratova, Associate Professor G.M.Yapparova, ProfessorZh.Nurzhan, Associate ProfessorM.S.Kairi, senior teachers R.A.Alpamysova, A.B.Baymurat, Tukeeva A.K., Masters of Humanities  Demessinova G.M., Demidova N.V., G.Sarsenova, A.Akhmetova. The competent staff of the Department allows us to solve very ambitious problems as for the development and introduction of new psycho-pedagogical training technologies and participation in scientific projects; to perform effective scientific works; to participate in large-scale scientific activities; to conduct courses and training seminars at the international and national levels; to publish scientific papers in major foreign and domestic publishing houses.


Educational and research activities of the Department are realized by Research Institute of Neuro Linguistic Educational Technologies under the supervision of Professor T.B.Berdimuratov.


Science is an integral part of the educational process of the faculty, which is reflected in the organization of methodological seminars, project activities of students. Successfully operates a student group called "Voice of psycholinguists" working on the problem of "psychological motivation in learning of foreign languages”.


In 2013-2014 academic year, the following scientific subdivisions were established at the Department as part of the "Academic Department" project:

-               Applying NLP techniques in the educational process – research supervisor, PhD in Psychology, Doctor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management (DBA), Academician of APS of RK, ProfessorT.B.Berdimuratov;

-               Linguo-culturological study of figurative language resources - research supervisor, PhD in Philology, ProfessorA.K.Myrzashova;

-               Socialization of person in a multicultural environment – research supervisor, PhD in Pedagogy, Associate ProfessorG.M.Yapparova;

-               Development of multilingual competence of students – research supervisor, PhD in Pedagogy, E.V.Emelyanova;

-                     Cognitive and pragmatic aspects of terminology- research supervisor, PhDin Philology, ProfessorS.S.Isakova;

-               Psychological features of space perception -research supervisor, PhD, D.G.Naurzalina;

-               Prevention of deviant behavior among adolescents – research supervisor, PhD in Pedagogy, B.K.Almurzaeva.


The concept of the Department is constructed taking into account the current state and development strategy of psychological education. Theoretical knowledge of students is complemented with practical skills. Students undertake internship in psychological centers, translation agencies, schools, day care centers, international organizations, information and analytical services.


The main objectives of vocational education programs for the preparation of graduates are:

- Providing complete and quality education, professional competence in the relevant field of international communication;

- The mastery of liberal arts, ethical and legal standards, governing the relationships between people, their attitude to the environment, manner of thought and ability to organize the work on scientific basic, to acquire  knowledge;

-  Students’ choice of  individual education program;

- Continuing of educational process on the next stage of higher education.


For the effective implementation of educational programs and focus on the general idea of the

University called "Entrepreneurial University", are concluded agreements with the following organizations: Center for the harmonious development of the "Bolashak"; Center for Psychotherapy "Imaton"; Specialized correctional  University # 7 for children with developmental disabilities; Specialized Secondary School # 11; University # 27; Specialized preschool organization # 12 "Akbota"; Aktobe regional special boarding school for children with hearing impairments;  Aktobe Medical College. National university "Board of health of Aktobe region"; foreign company “Savola Food cis” and many others.


The Department operates an educational and industrial laboratory "Psychotraining", which activities have practical, research and educational nature.


There is cooperation with universities in countries near and far abroad, among them:

-               Moscow Institute of Economics, Politics and Law (Russia);

-               University of London "Middlesex" (Great Britain);

-               Tomsk State University (Russia);

-               Orenburg State University (Russia);

-               University of Euroregional Economics (Poland)

-               Omsk State University (Russia).


The Department offers such majors as Translation Studies, Philology, Psychology, and Social Pedagogy. The education process is based on self-sufficient powerful material and technical base, which has a rich fund of literature, electronic resources, and such necessary teaching aids as:

              Research Institute of Neuro-Linguistic Learning Technologies

              Scientific        and Methodological Teaching Management Center

              Study - Laboratory of Kazakh language

              Multimedia Laboratory

              Study of poetess Wislawa Szymborska

              Russian Center

              Teaching and Research Laboratory "Psycho Training"

              Center of Psychotechnology.


Among them it is planned to open Literary Institute of Nations of the World under the supervision of the famous writer, President of the International Club Abai Rollan Seysenbaev.


The Department of the Department actively creates teacher editions, conduct themed discussions, publish scientific works and organize training courses.


The  following achievements of the Department staff should be specifically emphasized:

-               In 1997 Senior teacher M.V.Baydildinova was named "The Best Teacher of the Year";

-               In 2009, PhD, A.K.Myrzashova was awarded the academic title "Professorof KRIU";

-               In 2011, Head of the Department Zh.A.Issina received the grant of the Mayor of Aktobe region in the category "The Best Young Scientist";

-               In 2011, Senior teacher M.S.Kairi was awarded a Gold Medal of KRIU "For Valor in Labor" and received a scholarship of KRIU President in the nomination "The Best Young Researcher";

-               In 2013, PhD in Psychology, Doctor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management (DBA), Academician APS RK, ProfessorT.B.Berdimuratov was awarded with a Medal "Manager of the Year" and the title of " The Best Scientist" in the international competition "Science and Knowledge", organized by Oxford University, for outstanding achievements in the field of management and science;

-               In 2013 PhD in Pedagogy, Head of the Department "Psychology, Philology and Translation" Yapparova G.M. took part in the competition "Science and Knowledge" held by Oxford University, where she was nominated as "The Best Lecturer".


Many scientists of the Department successfully passed the state accreditation of the Ministry of Education and Science of RK as subjects of research activities.


The Department of the Department effectively upgrades their skills, holds annual international conferences and methodological seminars. The traditions of the Department are the permanent international business relations, focused on the implementation of academic mobility, qualification improvement and conduct of joint research activities. The Department has positioned itself in the region as having a serious experience in organizing of international scientific and methodological seminars, inviting famous scientists from foreign universities and organizations. Only on this scientific field the Department took a second place at the University in regards to the effectiveness of these projects.


It should be noted the scientific activity of the Department’s scientists, which is manifested in the ongoing participation in international conferences, forums, contests and in the publication of scientific works in such countries as United Kingdom, USA, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea, Poland, and Russia.


Based on the results of 2013, the scientists of the Department were number 1 at the publication of scientific papers in international scientific journals with high impact factor, as well as at releasing textbooks in foreign publishing houses.


The Department is the leader on the publication of educational and scientific works, including the development of its own technologies, laboratories, centers and institutes. In this group we can include high-tech research of ProfessorT.Berdimuratov.


The research allowed the University to achieve significant results in terms of the development of research laboratories, own technologies and the invitation of scientists and students to the specialties of the Department.


Developing scientific ideas of Professor T.Berdimuratov, the Department opened a Research Laboratory "Psychotraining" and the Center of Psychotechnologies. Recently, the Department’s activity has been characterized by consulting services and skill improvement of teachers in the region due to the cooperation with educational institutions. Number of participants trained on the basis of those divisions of the Department, reaches up to two thousand people.


By the reason of updating of the content of education is paid particular attention to the creation of conditions for the development of the creative potential of students and improvement of education. One of the important tasks of any educational institution is to attract the younger generation to the universal global moral values, to form students' abilities to communicate and interact with representatives of neighboring cultures and across the globe. In order to develop multilingual education, proclaimed at the state level, are supported such traditions of the Department as holding of  Olympiads, student research conferences, and also celebration of Cultural Days  of the Kazakh, Russian, English, German, French, Korean and other nation.

In the history of the University, the Department was the first one to accept foreign students from South Korea as per the international academic mobility program.


Five students from universities in Seoul (South Korea) have arrived for studying for one year.  An important indicator of the professional level of teachers-linguists was high mastery of students from South Korea of Kazakh and Russian languages: after 3 months foreign students who did not speak these languages, even at the household level, could freely communicate, participate in all activities of the Department and the University, read poetry and even sing. They have studied with great interest on the basis of Russian Center and Laboratory of the Kazakh Language, the grammar of the Kazakh and Russian languages, which are genetically and typologically distant from their native language. Students have demonstrated their philological learning and academic achievements.


This tradition has been strongly supported by the other students of KRIU started to actively participate in the linguistic community of the University and became students of Korean, Chinese, German, and English classes. Among them there are talented young people who are actively supporting the innovation of the University and take part in these processes as the office staff of OSPK "NUR" on project "Entrepreneurial University". Being students, they reached the first serious results - universal sympathy, recognition, scholarships and premiums. Among these students are A.Nurlybekov, B.Aynagul, T.Kulov, T.Usenov, A. Nurabek, A.Kasenov, who first joined the work of the University television studio and today are successful television journalists, TV presenters, managers of show programs at the University and the region; authors of interesting show projects, known in the country and loved by many Kazakhs panel games "Alau". Their project "KRIU News" has the highest rating among the student community, partners and parents.


Particularly noteworthy are the best graduates of the Department, including many of those who have successfully continued their education at foreign universities, achieved the status of university professors or of the leading interpreter of a foreign company: Natalia Demidova, Smagulova Asemgu, Farbitnik Nina, Aimagambetov Anuar, Ikhsanova Saltanat, Didenko Michael, Khakimova Tatiana, Baygazina Nurgul, Tulegenova Anara, Shaymardinova Indira, Dauletyarova Gulzhayna, Gourko Sergei, etc.


Students and Department of the Department have always been extraordinary talented, joyful and full of light. This Department always works diligently on every aspect of education and tries to create favorable conditions for its students. Perhaps, it is because of the gender feature of the department’s staff.  90% of the staff is women, who take care, show maternal responsiveness and some rigor in relationships with students; a special feature of the inner world of philologists and psychologists, manifests itself in their creative nature.


Today we have all reasons to believe that our graduates will continue to apply all positive principles of human being, which they learned thanks to the best pedagogical conditions of true education within the walls of Alma Mater.